Introduction to Silicone Rubber insulator role

Introduction to Silicone Rubber insulator role

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Silicone rubber is a kind of polymer silicone, it get by controlling the length of the skeleton, and cross-linking of organic groups with skeleton, insulator is made of silicone rubber, next, I will introduce the role of silicone rubber insulator.

In order to increase the creep-age distance, one end of the high voltage wires hung up many disc insulators, which is the insulator made of glass or ceramic.

In order to prevent dust and other impurity adhere on the surface of the insulator, which formed a pathway and voltage break down the insulator on both ends , namely creep-age, then increased surface distance, namely creep-age distance, the distance along the insulation surface discharge the leak-age distance called creep-age distance.

Silicone rubber

Creep-age distance =surface distance/highest voltage of a system, according to different degree of impurity and heavy impurity region generally adopts the creep-age distance: 31mm/kv

Zero insulator, is the potential distribution of two end’s insulator is close to zero or equal to zero in operation.

The influence of zero insulator or low value insulator: line wire insulation depend on insulator string, due to manufacturing defect or the role of outside world, the insulation of the insulator performance would be continues degradation, when insulation resistance lower or equal to zero is called the minimum or zero value of insulator, we have to test the circuit, and the proportion of zero or low insulator was about 9%, this is our company another main cause of the high line lightning trip-out rate. Insulator is smooth, which can reduce the wires capacitive reactance effect, so as to reduce the loss of the current.

Insulator is a special kind of insulation control, it can play an important role in the overhead transmission lines. Early years insulator mainly used for pole, slowly developed to high type high -voltage wire connection at one end of the tower, on the tower hung a lot of disc insulators, which is to increase the creep-age distance, insulator should not change as environmental and electrical load conditions and not to lead to a variety of electrical and mechanical stress and failure, or else there won’t have a significant role in the insulator, without insulator, it will damage the whole line of use and operating life.

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