Glyphosate Pesticide Assistant CGN-3

Glyphosate Pesticide Assistant CGN-3

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  • Release date:2015/04/09
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Detailed description 
An Aqua Vegetal Glyphosate Pesticide Assistant CGN-3

This type of assistant was developed by our company to improve homemade glyphosate pesticide performance and competitive power in both internal and international market. The performance of aqua glyphosate pesticide prepared with this assistant(41%、10%) was determined by Shanghai and Jiangsu academe of agricultural science and technology. The main raw materials of this assistant were imported from abroad and all taken from nature. It is antitoxic and harmless to human body and inclined to biodegrade with no pollution to soil. So it is a vegetal and environmental assistant, named as green product either.

Technical index
Appearance: transparent liquid (adjust the color as your requirement);
Content: more than 42% in 41% pesticide, more than 40% in 10% pesticide;
Surface tension: less than 30 dyne.

Application Character
This assistant is a type of non-ionic surfactant, with good compatibility.
Beside reducing surface tension and contact angle of the aqua pesticide and increasing affinity of the liquid medicine to leaf surface, this assistant possesses fine wetting ability with wetting velocity less than 2 minutes compared to over 10 minutes of other brands, thus improves pesticide penetration capacity.
Of fine acid, base, heat and strong electrolyte resistance.
Of strong solubilization for pesticide.

Usage and dosage
10% is recommended for glyphosate isopropyl amine salt of 41%;1.3% is recommended for glyphosate aqua of 10%.
Transportation, storage, package
(1)This product is non-hazardous material, transported as normal chemicals.
(2) Stored under normal temperature.
(3) Packaged by plastic bucket, 200kg generally.

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