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CGF Hydrophilic Organic Silicon Finishing Agent for Fabrics

Performance and Purpose
CGF is a hydrophilic organic silicon finishing agent for fabric. After finished by CGF, fabrics feel soft and slippery, and have good air permeability and moisture absorption.
CGF is good for the finishing of polyester, nylon, acrylic, polyester/ viscose, wool, rayon, silk, knitted underwear and other fibers, as well as the treatment of synthetic fibers and filaments.
CGF gives fabrics very good antistatic performance. After using CGF, fabrics are stain-resistant and washable; in particular, after finished by CGF, pure polyester and pure nylon fabrics overcome fuzz and pilling defects, have obvious feeling of woolens, and become elastic, neat, slippery, comfortable and even.
CGF is innocuous and pollution-free; it features a little dosage and notable effects. When used with resin in one bath, the dosage of resin is reduced substantially. (Compared with ordinary softeners, the dosage of resin is reduced substantially.(Compared with ordinary softeners, the dosage of resin is reduced by 50-70%.) Generally, the dosage is 1-3g/l.

Technical index
Appearance: light yellow, transparent, even and viscous liquid
Refraction index(nd 25℃):1.4430-1.4500
Water solubility: soluble in water

Package and storage

Packed in 25kg or 50kg plastic drum, storage life is 1 year.

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