CH-5900 Silicone Construction Sealant

CH-5900 Silicone Construction Sealant

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  • Release date:2015/11/16
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CH-5900 Silicone Construction Sealant

Product property:

CH-5900 is two component, neutral, room temperature cured structure sealant, no corrosive to metal, coated glass, concrete and marble.


CH-5900 is with excellent resistance of weather and aging, with a long service life.


After cured, CH-5900 is with excellent performance of  resistance of high or low temperature, little change in -40-150 degrade.


CH-5900 is with good adhesion to most construction materials, and good compatibility to other neutral silicone rubber.


CH-5900 A component is white, and B component is black, A and B mixed with 10:1 by volume or mixed with 12:1 by weight.


Main Usage:

All kind of structural sealant: glass, stone(marble), aluminum and glass curtain wall, glass lighting roof, metal and hollow glass.


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