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Amino Alcohol

This kind of amino alcohol mixture has high solubility in water, AMP, AMPD, AEPD and DMAMP can be completely miscible with water at 20℃; AP,AB at 20℃ water solubility can reach more than 250g/100ml. Usually the amino alcohols are easily soluble in alcohol, slightly soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons, but practically insoluble in the fatty hydrocarbon. Amino alcohols with high boiling point, so the vapor under atmospheric pressure is low.

DMAMP and AMP are the most basic organic amine products available in the industry, this kind of product in the dissociation constant of 20 ℃ see table, all the amino alcohol will exhibit the properties of amines and alcohols double chemical reaction, has the very high chemical reactivity, easy to carry out various chemical reactions.

The production process of amino alcohol is in the presence of catalyst, primary, secondary nitro alkanes and aldehydes, ketones showed the aldol reaction of typical get nitro alcohol, and then through the amino alcohol products from catalytic hydrogenation of the corresponding.

The nitro alcohol and aldehyde condensation of nitro alcohol, and then restore the reaction processing, worth many widely used amino alcohol series products, one of the most valuable in industrial application are the following: 2- amino -1- butanol (AB, CAS:96-20-8), 2- amino -1- propanol (AP, CAS:6168-72-5), 2-amino -2- methyl -1- propanol (AMP, CAS:124-68-5), 2- amino -1,3- propylene glycol (APD,CAS:534-03-2), 2- amino -2- ethyl -1,3- propylene glycol (AEPD,CAS:115-70-8), 2- two -2- methyl -1- dimethylamino propyl alcohol (DMAMP, CAS:7005-47-2), 2- amino -2- (Qiang Jiaji) -1,3- propylene glycol (also known as ammonia butyl alcohol three or three tris TrisAmino CAS:77-86-1), 2- amino -2- methyl -1,3- propylene glycol (AMPD, CAS:115-69-5).

Amino Alcohol

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