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  • Suggestions for the future development of alkyl glycosides in this field are put forward

    2021-12-01 16:31:10
    Alkyl glycosides can be completely biodegradable, non-toxic and harmless to the environment. As a surfactant, they can strengthen the dissolution and hydrolysis of organic waste, accelerate the process of anaerobic decomposition of waste, and can be applied in the industrial process of anaerobic decomposition and treatment of waste.
  • Surfactant APG can be applied to water treatment

    2021-11-29 15:34:13
    Alkyl polyglycosides (APG) is a new type of non-ionic biosurfactant. Its raw materials come from renewable plants, such as corn, coconut oil, palm kernel oil and so on. APG does not contain K + and Na + plasma and can be completely degraded into H2O and CO2 within 7 days. As an environment-friendly surfactant, APG can promote the dissolution and hydrolysis of organic matter in waste, so as to reduce the time of AD process.
  • Alkyl glycosides are easily biodegradable in natural environment

    2021-11-26 16:42:58
    Alkyl glucosides have the advantages of ordinary nonionic and anionic surfactants: high surface activity, high viscosity, rich foam, fine and stable.
  • Speciation of heavy metals in soil before and after alkyl glycoside treatment

    2021-11-24 16:48:04
    When the pH of alkyl glycoside leaching solution was 5.2 and the concentration was 85 g / L, the removal rates of CD, Cu, Pb and Zn in soil reached 77.7%, 40.5%, 24.5% and 20.0% respectively.
  • What is the relationship between the wettability of surfactants and their structure?

    2021-11-22 17:02:36
    The main film forming materials in emulsion coatings are usually polymer emulsions, synthetic resin emulsions prepared by emulsion polymerization, or emulsified polymer resin emulsions produced by post emulsification process, and emulsifiers play an important role in them.
  • The basic feature of surfactants is that they can significantly reduce the surface tension of solvents

    2021-11-19 15:57:48
    The basic feature of surfactants is that they can significantly reduce the surface tension of solvents. Generally, alkyl glycosides with alkyl carbon chain length greater than 8 carbons have surface activity and critical micelle concentration (CMC).
  • Alkyl glycosides can satisfy soap makers in terms of safety

    2021-11-17 16:44:46
    Application of liquid hand soap: many people feel that the liquid is not viscous enough after dissolving the soap. For soap makers who advocate nature, it is a big problem to find a non-toxic, harmless and efficient thickener. Alkyl glycosides can definitely satisfy soap makers in terms of safety, because AGP is indispensable in many children's shampoos and shower gels.
  • Using the liquid increasing effect of surfactant in medicament

    2021-11-15 17:23:13
    Surfactants are often used in industrial industries. For the use of surfactants, most of them are used in washing and textile industries. For all fine industrial industries, they can not leave the use of surfactants. All industries related to our industry, including the pharmaceutical industry, are also inseparable from the use of surfactants, as well as the paper industry, which is also a field of fine industry. Surfactants are also widely used in the paper industry.
  • Surfactants also act as lubricating agents as grinding aids

    2021-11-12 17:07:47
    Surfactant can reduce the interfacial tension and reduce the wetting angle θ Close to zero, the solid powder can be spontaneously dispersed in the surfactant solution. At the same time, the surfactant can help the liquid to wet the inner surface of the solid, make the liquid penetrate into the channels and voids between the aggregates inside the particles, provide a certain pressure, and destroy the strengthening bond force of the particle aggregates under the action of machinery.
  • Alkyl glycosides are selected for different needs of drilling fluid

    2021-11-10 16:49:03
    Alkyl glycosides, as a multifunctional treatment agent, can be selected and used according to different needs of drilling fluid. Alkyl glycosides with different structures can not only inhibit sloughing, lubrication and environmental protection, but also improve the solid capacity of drilling fluid and the temperature resistance of polymers in drilling fluid. They can also be used as viscosity reducer and fluid loss reducer of conventional drilling fluid, dispersant and retarder of cement slurry, emulsifier of oil in water drilling fluid and foaming agent of microbubble system.
  • Alkyl glycoside "green" functional surfactant

    2021-11-08 10:28:50
    Alkyl glycoside (APG) has excellent ecological and toxicological properties and outstanding physical and chemical properties. It is especially suitable for washing products and personal care products in contact with human skin. In addition, it can be used as functional additives in daily chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, industrial emulsifier, food industry, biochemical industry and agricultural chemicals.
  • The wide application of surfactants in leather making has accelerated industrial progress

    2021-11-05 17:11:09
    The application principle of surfactant in water-based metal cleaning agent is to weaken or offset the adhesion of oil on the metal surface through the wetting, penetration, emulsification, dispersion and solubilization of surfactant, and accelerate the oil to separate from the metal surface and enter the washing solution by mechanical and physical methods to be emulsified, dispersed and suspended or solubilized micelles.
  • Surfactants play a direct and indirect role in the electrodeposition process

    2021-11-03 16:57:38
    When surfactants are adsorbed on the metal surface, their hydrophilic groups are adsorbed on the metal surface. Due to the different properties of hydrophilic groups, they are physically or chemically adsorbed on the metal surface. The adsorption of different surfactants on the metal surface follows different adsorption isotherms.
  • Flame retardant is a new technology developed in recent years

    2021-11-01 16:50:05
    Reactive flame retardants participate in the polymerization reaction as a monomer, so the polymer itself contains flame retardant components. Its advantage is that it has little impact on the service performance of polymer materials and has long flame retardancy.
  • Alkyl glycosides have good surface and interfacial properties

    2021-10-29 15:48:40
    Alkyl glycosides have good surface and interface properties. APG is a moisture-absorbing solid, which is generally dissolved in water and difficult to dissolve in some common organic solvents. However, it has good solubility and surface activity in acid solution, and its solubility and surface activity in alkali solution are more prominent than other non-ionic surfactants. When in use, it can be prepared into a stable inorganic salt active solution with a concentration of 20% ~ 30%.
  • Alkyl glycosides are used for environment-friendly new green clothes cleaning wipes

    2021-10-27 16:36:26
    Using the green non-ionic surfactant alkyl glycoside as the main raw material and deionized water as the solvent, a new type of green clothing cleaning wipes with excellent decontamination effect and friendly to the environment was developed. The properties of surface tension, stability and decontamination when compounded with other surfactants were investigated.
  • The loss of physical and mechanical properties of barrier fuel is reduced to a low limit

    2021-10-26 16:38:03
    Due to the different flame retardant mechanism of various flame retardants, it is difficult to achieve the ideal effect by using a single flame retardant. Composite flame retardants are usually used.
  • The concentration of surfactants in aquatic animals is significant

    2021-10-22 10:39:30
    The impact of surfactants on food safety can mainly include two aspects. On the one hand, surfactants themselves are enriched in animals and plants, and show their own toxicity with the accumulation of food chain in human body; On the other hand, the existence of surfactants accelerates the absorption of other toxic substances by plants, resulting in harm to food safety production.
  • Anionic surfactants with low skin irritation should be selected

    2021-10-18 10:37:46
    Firstly, it comes from renewable plant resources, which is conducive to the protection and saving of limited resources. Secondly, the products made from it can be 100% biodegradable in the environment and re-enter the natural cycle. The biodegradability test shows that this degradation process is fast and complete. According to the internationally recognized OECD Test method, all tests show that APG has excellent primary biodegradability and final biodegradability. Alkyl glycosides do not harm the environment under all environmental conditions and have excellent environmental compatibility.
  • Alkyl glycosides can be used to change pharmacokinetic processes

    2021-10-15 14:37:21
    APG is a moisture absorbing solid, which is generally dissolved in water and difficult to dissolve in some common organic solvents, but it has good solubility and surface activity in acid solution, and its solubility and surface activity in alkali solution are more prominent than other non-ionic surfactants. When in use, it can be prepared into a stable inorganic salt active solution with a concentration of 20% ~ 30%.
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