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  • Alkyl glycosides are usually 50% aqueous solutions

    2020-02-19 15:33:16
    APG can improve the sizing effect of paper, and it can produce excellent flotation deinking agent with other surfactants. APG is also widely used in fire fighting agents.
  • Determination of monocentenylglucoside in grape

    2020-02-17 16:56:17
    However, due to the lack of chromophore group in alkyl glucoside molecule, UV detector can not be used, differential refractive detector can be used, but the sensitivity is not high and gradient elution is not possible. At present, the evaporative light scattering detector is widely used as a detection method for the analysis of alkyl glucosides, which has high sensitivity and gradient elution.
  • Heart epidemic, love donation

    2020-02-14 10:16:56
    Near 2020, a sudden novel coronavirus spread from Wuhan, breaking the upcoming Chinese New Year, and all Chinese were under great pressure.
  • The anionic surfactants in modern oil agents are mainly phosphates

    2020-01-17 10:50:54
    Anionic surfactants are mainly used in the form of sulfonates and phosphates. In the early stage, most of the antistatic agents were sulfonates. However, due to the limitations of the use of these surfactants in the oil agents, and their lubrication and antistatic properties were inferior to those of phosphates, the anionic surfactants in the modern oil agents were mainly phosphates, especially the alkyl phosphates and their salts (apk) and their ethylene oxide (EO) adducts Excellent antistatic agent and lubricant in oil agent.
  • Adding a proper amount of surfactant can disperse and promote the growth of microorganisms

    2020-01-15 14:47:43
    Gemini surfactant is a kind of surfactants with special molecular structure. Its molecule is composed of the ionic head group of the two surfactants linked by the spacer through chemical bond. Because of its special structure, it has a special microstructure; it has a special use, can be used for the synthesis of mesoporous structure template, special chemical separation, etc.; for the Gemini surfactants which connect two different surfactant monomers on the head group, recent research shows that it has two kinds of surfactant properties.
  • Analysis of common problems in construction of silicone structural sealant

    2020-01-13 14:45:32
    Working principle: compressed air is sent into the rubber bottle (syringe), and the rubber is pressed into the feed pipe connected with the piston chamber. When the piston is in the up stroke, the piston chamber is filled with rubber. When the piston pushes the rubber dropping needle downward, the rubber is pressed out from the needle mouth. The amount of glue dripped is determined by the distance of piston down stroke, which can be adjusted manually or controlled in software.
  • Reduce the release of flame retardant to the environment in the process of production and use

    2020-01-10 17:24:36
    Zhou Zhengmao, Secretary General of China flame retardant society, said that vecap is an environmental management plan to reduce the emission of pollution in the entire flame retardant supply chain, which has achieved significant emission reduction results in Europe and North America over the past few years. China flame retardant society plans to cooperate with BSEF to introduce vecap into China's flame retardant industry, encourage and guide Chinese flame retardant enterprises and their related downstream users to actively reduce the release of flame retardant to the environment in the process of production and use, and contribute to the sustainable development and competitiveness of the industry. Zhou Zhengmao also revealed that CFPA is in communication and consultation with relevant enterprises, and will organize relevant leaders and experts of the Ministry of environmental protection to visit the enterprise, and plans to launch specific implementation plans in the near future.
  • New trend of surfactant development environmental protection, safety and energy saving

    2020-01-08 19:07:25
    At the same time, surfactants bring great convenience to people's life, industrial and agricultural production, but also bring pollution to our environment. This is a worldwide problem, especially in our country, which should be paid more attention to.
  • How to polymerize silicone oil defoamer with organic modified polysiloxane

    2020-01-06 15:42:27
    It is generally believed that this is the main cause of fabric yellowing or color change of cloth, and the method of acylation and etherification of primary amino group is adopted to produce modified amino silicone oil or add antioxidant in order to reduce its yellowing or color change, but it is at the cost of sacrificing the hand feeling of finished fabric. In fact, the above methods can not completely eliminate the color change of finished fabric. As we know, when the dyed fabric is shaped at high temperature, the dye molecule activity intensifies, and some dyes that are not firmly bound will be separated from the fiber heat transfer or sublimation. If the dye is not blocked when it diffuses to the outer layer (including the fabric surface and air), the color after the fabric will mainly reflect the color light of the surface dye; if it is blocked (silicone oil film formation), the dyes that have heat transfer will Concentrated on the surface of the fabric.
  • Mineral oil and cationic surfactant have soft effect

    2020-01-03 16:41:14
    Anionic surfactants have excellent performance in decontamination, but they are often combined with non-ionic surfactants to get better deinking effect. The anionic surfactants have good foaming and degreasing properties. The nonionic surfactants present nonionic state in aqueous solution and have high stability. When the non-ionic surfactant and the anionic surfactant are used together, the colloidal particles are negatively charged and repel with electricity, forming a stable dispersion system, which is conducive to the separation and removal of ink and fiber.
  • The function of surfactant requires to be carried out gently

    2019-12-30 15:21:32
    The compounding and Synergistic Technology of surfactants in our country is relatively backward, so we should strengthen the research on the basis and application technology in this field. The technology of multi-functional synergism, solubilization, emulsification, dispersion and anti caking should be paid more attention. Compounding technology is also the key to promote the application of special surfactants in leather making. The results show that the emulsification, dispersion and wettability of surfactants can be improved by adding 10-6 grade special surfactants.
  • Alkyl glycosides can be used for disinfection and sterilization at the same time

    2019-12-27 15:20:06
    Alkyl polyglucosides (APG) is a complex mixture of alkyl monoglycosides, diglucosides, triglucosides and oligoglycosides, which is generally called alkyl polyglucosides (APG). It is a product obtained by the loss of a molecule of water under the catalysis of strong acid from the hemiacetal hydroxyl and fatty alcohol hydroxyl of glucose.
  • Sophorae polysaccharide lipid biosurfactant has peculiar affinity to skin

    2019-12-25 16:09:08
    The trend of surfactant's steady growth in the world provides a good external environment for the development and expansion of cosmetics industry, and the requirements for product structure, variety, performance and technology are also higher and higher. Therefore, it is necessary to systematically develop safe, mild, biodegradable and special surfactants to provide theoretical basis for the development and application of new products. To focus on the development of glycoside surfactants, we can develop a variety of polyols and alcohol surfactants; systematically research and develop soybean phospholipid surfactants; develop a series of products of sucrose fatty acid vinegar, strengthen the research of compounding technology, and expand the application range of existing products.
  • Advantages of amino acid surfactant Cleansing Gel

    2019-12-23 13:50:50
    APG, for short, is a non-ionic surfactant, characterized by environmental protection, small irritation, no pollution to the environment. Compared with other surfactants, APG has the advantages of low surface tension, strong decontamination ability, stable in strong alkali environment, and stable use in combination.
  • Amphoteric surfactants commonly used in cleaning products

    2019-12-20 09:50:30
    Anionic surfactants are common soap groups in Japanese cleansers. I believe that many people often see the word "soap base" and often hear people say not to use soap base cleanser, because it is not gentle, but what is soap base? This has to start from the chemical reaction formula of making "soap": fat + alkali = soap + glycerin. Here we generally think that fat is fatty acid glyceride. In the alkaline condition, the sodium fatty acid produced by heating hydrolysis is soap.
  • Soap has basic properties of surfactant cypress

    2019-12-18 09:47:13
    The characteristics of surfactants include: anionic, cationic, non-ionic, amphoteric surfactants. Among them, anionic surfactants include: carboxylates, sulfonates, sulfates, phosphates; cationic surfactants include: aliphatic amines and alkyl cyclic nitrogen-containing heterocyclic salts; non-ionic surfactants include: polyoxyethylene and fatty acid polyol esters; amphoteric surfactants are based on their middle cation According to the structure of ion part, amphoteric surfactants can be divided into betaine, amino acids, lecithin and imidazoline derivatives; according to the structure of anion part, they can be divided into carboxylates,
  • Commercial alkyl glycosides must be removed as much as possible

    2019-12-16 11:33:51
    Alkyl glucoside, as a new non-ionic surfactant, has the advantages of low surface tension, fine foam, rich and stable, strong detergency and strong compatibility. The product is non-toxic, non irritating and biodegradable, so it can be widely used in detergents, detergents, cosmetics, food and medicine.
  • Learn about the preparation of an alkyl glycoside

    2019-12-13 10:05:25
    Alkyl glycosides in skin cleansing products, because of APG has good safety, mild, decontamination, foaming and foam stability, compatibility and rheological behavior. Therefore, it is often used in bath liquid and facial cleanser for skin cleaning. Add a small amount of APG to the bath formula as a conditioner, which will make the skin feel more comfortable after washing.
  • Non toxic and nutritious shampoo can be made with alkyl glucoside

    2019-12-11 16:42:52
    As a new non-ionic surfactant, alkyl glycosides have many unique advantages. For example, it has obvious synergistic effect with anionic surfactants, abundant foam, little irritation to skin, non-toxic and good biodegradability, etc. it makes alkyl glucosides have certain superiority in the preparation and application of daily chemical products, so it has been widely applied.
  • Building sealing function is the guarantee of building quality

    2019-12-09 17:14:50
    The compatibility test and performance test between silicone structural adhesive and contact material must be carried out carefully before purchase. If there is no such report, the Contractor shall be urged to immediately entrust a testing agency with such qualification to carry out special test, and the qualified test can only be used.
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